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How to exchange money in Vancouver

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How to exchange money in Vancouver

With the upcoming holidays, many Canadian citizens are going to be going across the border or flying abroad to visit loved ones. Likewise, we are expecting overseas visitors here in Canada over the next couple of months. Planning a trip can be daunting; booking flights, hotels and packing are just some of the tasks that need to be considered. However, taking an extra bit of time to exchange currency before your trip can go a long way towards saving you time, money and hassle when you reach your destination.


Once you’ve gotten off of a long flight, you’re going to want cash for refreshments, cabs and possibly hotels or entertainment. Airports sometimes don’t have currency exchange kiosks on premise, and if they do, these services are guaranteed to come with service charges of up to 8%.


It’s not always best to rely on your debit or credit card when travelling either. Many businesses may not be able to accept the card that you hold. Card issuers often tack on hefty exchange fees, so you could wind up spending way more than you think. Withdrawing money from a bank or ATM can also result in similar charges.


Some people like to carry traveler’s cheques, but these aren’t really widely accepted anymore. Again, there are usually charges associated with issuing traveler’s cheques. There are definitely more convenient and modern options available.


Using a currency exchange service like Finex to purchase your travel money before your trip is the safest and most cost effective option. At Finex Currency Exchange we pride ourselves on offering rates that beat the banks, with no long waits or hidden fees. We have a wide variety of foreign and even exotic currencies in stock. Just stop by one of our Vancouver offices to quickly and conveniently exchange currency for your trip. Or, if you’re visiting Canada, we will gladly exchange your home country’s currency for Canadian dollars.  


We have two convenient locations here in Vancouver and over the past 20 years we have become the premier foreign exchange company of choice for Canadians traveling abroad and visitors traveling to Canada. Visit our West Vancouver or Downtown Vancouver location to speak to one of our friendly, non-commission based representatives for all of your money exchange needs.

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