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Finex Forex Exchange FAQ

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Finex Forex currency exchange is an element of the Finex Currency exchange Group, a worldwide supplier of web global payment services for customer and business clients. The Finex started its operation in Vancouver in 1997 and speedily adjusted to modern international standards.

FinexForex is registered in Canada.

FinexForex holds client funds in accounts with highly rated financial institutions. In addition, FinexForex operates an extremely low risk financial model whereby Finex Forex never pays out client funds prior to receipt of the currency the customer has sold to us. This ensures Finex Forex has zero default risk from client dealings.

Simply register ( no cost or obligation ) with us thru the website for direct accessibility to the dealing system.

After you register, an Finex Forex Currency Exchange representive will call you ( unless you call us first ) to chat about your transfer and ensure the system is set up correctly for your needs. This is also a great time to ask any questions you could have about the service.

In several cases we are going to be ready to electronically identify you, so we can speed up the identification process. If we will not complete this process electronically we may advise you of any info you want to send us.

You can book exchange rates with us 24-hours a day Monday to Fri.. When you book your first deal we will call you to confirm the exchange and discuss payment options and successive payments can be managed totally online ( or by phone if you prefer ). Once those funds have been received by us we will send the currency you have purchased electronically to your beneficiary

Yes, the sequence of a deal is as follows :

  1. Lock-in daily exchange rate and supply beneficiary details,
  2. Send us the currency you have sold, and

Three. When your funds are received by us we send the currency you have acquired to your beneficiary.

In many cases the transfer will reach the beneficiary after 4 business days, but often it can take 6 business days or longer depending on the nations and currencies involved. Ask your dealer for full information if the transfer is urgent.

There are many methods of transferring funds to Finex Forex currency exchange.

Finex Forex currency exchange maintains accounts in all the important currencies, ensuring you can transfer funds quickly and reliably to us. Banks in most countries have Electronic Funds Transfer ( EFT ) as an option in net banking and this is the most typical way customers send funds to us.

In Canada any client can get funds to us fee-free from any CAD account by putting in place a Pre Authorised Debit. Or, most Canadians may be able to use Bill Payment thru their net banking platform to send payment to us manually with no fees from their own bank.

Please note we do not accept money or checks into our accounts, nor do we pay out in any of these forms unless you reach to one of our branch..

When you book a rate / deal on our system it is binding and we request that you initiate the transfer of funds to us not later than Twenty-four hours after booking the deal, but ideally the self same day. We would normally receive the funds inside 12-72 hours of you sending your move to us depending on the strategy of transfer.

In a number of cases it takes more time for clients to get funds to us because banking systems might be slow or special arrangements need to be made. In this kind of case simply advise your dealer and they should be able to accommodate your situation. Finex Forex currency exchange will send your outward payment when your funds have cleared in the Finex Forex foreign exchange account.