Rates are subject to change without notice.

UPDATED,, , USD ON SALE TODAY  MAY  20  2024 *(OPEN 10: AM ,CLOSE * 2 * PM,)* DUE TO VOLATILE MARKETS UNEXPECTED CHANGE MAY APPLY. We are currently not buying/selling Russian Rubles



  Country Currency Symbol FINEX Buys At FINEX SALES  At
usa USA DOLLARS USD 1.343 1.3775
england England POUNDS GBP 1.7007 1.7609
euro EUR EUROS EUR 1.4557 1.5069
Hong Kong Hong Kong DOLLARS HKD 0.1719 0.1805
japan Japan YEN JPY 0.0085 0.008987
mexico Mexico PESOS MXN 0.08032 0.08587
new-zealand New Zealand DOLLARS NZD 0.8142 0.860
singapore Singapore DOLLARS SGD 0.9608 1.0539
Switzerland FRANCS CHF 1.4597 1.5349
australia Australia DOLLARS AUD 0.8859 0.9359
china China   YUAN CNY 0.1763 0.190
canada Canada GOLD     $3,359 CAD



All currencies are available.

Please call us at 604-681-2062 to inquire about the current rate.

  Country Currency Symbol FINEX Buys At FINEX SALES At
Argentina Argentina Pesos ARS    
Bahamas Bahamas Dollars BSD    
Bahrain Bahrain Dinars BHD    
Barbados Barbados Dollars BBD    
Belize Belize Dollars BZD    
Bermuda Bermuda Dollars BMD    
Brunei Darussalam Brunei Darussalam Dollars BND    
Brazil Brazil Brazil Real BRL    
Cayman Islands Cayman Islands Dollars KYD    
Kuwait Kuwait Dinars KWD    
Malaysia Malaysia Ringgits MYR    
Morocco Morocco Dirhams MAD    
Nicaragua Nicaragua Gold Cordobas NIO    
Norway Norway Krone NOK    
Oman Oman Rials OMR    
Paraguay Paraguay Guarani PYG    
Peru Peru Nuevos Soles PEN    
Philippines Philippines Pesos PHP    
Poland Poland Zlotych PLN    
Qatar Qatar Rials QAR    
Romania Romania Lei RON    
Russia Russia Rubles RUR    
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Riyals SAR    
Scotland Scotland Scotish Pound SCP    
Singapore Singapore Dollars SGD    
South Africa South Africa Rand ZAR    
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Rupees LKR    
Sweden Sweden Kronor SEK    
Taiwan Taiwan New Dollars TWD    
Tanzania Tanzania Shillings TZS    
Thailand Thailand Baht THB    
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago Dollars TTD    
Turkey Turkey Liras TRY    
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Dirhams AED    
Ukraine Ukraine Hryvnia UAH    
Uruguay Uruguay Pesos UYU    
Venezuela Venezuela Bolivares VEF    
Vietnam Vietnam Dong VND